Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying (Aerophobia)

Fear of Flying or the technical term Aerophobia is a debilitating fear, which can ruin the lead upto and the first days of a holiday.  This normally starts as early as thinking about a holiday, booking a holiday or even seeing a plane in the sky.  It can be very embarrassing for the person suffering from this extreme type of panic reaction.  Even if the person gets to the holiday destination or business destination, there is the same highly anxious and panicky feelings building back up again towards the end of the trip or journey.

In most circumstances the earliest root cause for Fear of Flying (Aerophobia) relates to either the very first flight, or the last disturbing time you flew on an aeroplane.  Common events or occurances within the flight could be: known turbulence, unexpected turbulence, thunderstorms or lightening, heavy dark clouds, recent unconnected highly upsetting or fearful event, or recent terrorist event.

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