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Fear of Being Sick (Emetophobia)

The fear of being sick (emetophobia) is probably the most common presented fear or phobia symptoms.  The adult or child suffers from an uncontrolable anxiety and fear of either being sick (vomiting) themselves and/or seeing or hearing someone else.  Even if they are reasured by others that everything is ok, this irrational fear can trigger many other fears.  Other fears may include; not wanting to leave parent(s), refusing to go to school, not wanting to go out, not wantng to eat, not wanting to leave their bedroom.  As with many other common fears or phobias this fear is not based in reality, as the person is rarely, really likely to be vomiting or sick.

In most situations with this fear or phobia of being sick (emetophobia) the person or parents can remember the first occurance of the fear, often relating to actualy being sick or seeing someone else be sick.  It is important to mention that an easy way to try to temporarily reduce the fear of sickness symptoms is to breathe slowly in and out and think of a calm, safe, happy place.  This slow breathing calms down the anxiety and the happy place distraction calms down the panic too.  The stark reality to explain to people is that whenever someone is really sick (vomiting) this is a very normal, essential and natural reaction, which enables bad food or drink to be ejected as quickly as possible, to allow the body to quickly recover and feel better and calm.

Overall, this acute fear of sickness can often stop people from doing any reasonable activity.  What we do know is that effective, careful and supportive Hypno-CBT therapy help's and resuce these symptoms quickly.

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