Fears & Phobias

Young man looking frightened with his hands covering his face.

Although fears and phobias are often linked with higher than normal amounts of anxiety or stress, this is not always the case. For fears and phobias to be present at all there will always be an original root cause or initiating event e.g. First visit to dentist or first aeroplane flight, etc. Following the root cause further fear and phobia feelings and behaviours will always be in reaction to present or future situational triggers.

There are too many fears and phobias to mention here, so here are the most common: Socialising, Flying, Dentist, Needles, Spiders, Heights, Dogs, Birds, Public Speaking, Enclosed Spaces, Open Spaces, Dirt or Infection, Health, Being Sick. The rest are listed in the Fear and Phobias A-Z list.

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