Fears and Phobias

Fear of Heights (Acrophobia)

The fear of Heights (Acrophobia) can be a problem and challenge for many people.  Some of the symptoms, affects or fears include; feeling dizzy, lack of balance, feeling faint, extreme anxiety, panic feelings, sickness, fast heart and pulse, etc.  This can also be connected with vertigo (a balance disorder) in some people.  

Similar to many other fears and phobia there is often an usually negative, unhealthy, early fearful memory or the very first experience.  Unlike most other fears and phobias however, they can be cases (of fear and phobia of heights) can be innately, genetically and passed down from generation to generation.

Common and recent situational triggers for the fear of heights (acrophobia) are; looking out of a window from a height, looking down from a balcony from a height, looking down from a mezzanine floor in a building or a store, attempting to parachute out of an aeroplane, bunjee-jumping, fairground rides, mountain climbing, cliff walking, using escalators, etc.

A fear of heights (acrophobia) can be difficult to treat but the correct and successful therapy methods methods can be found here


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