Fears and Phobias

Introduction to Fears & Phobias

Phobia/Fear cures at Barnsley Hypnosis & Counselling

Suffering from a phobia or fear, can place unnecessary limitations on your life.  The good news is my hypnosis / hypnotherapy programs could set you free.  Imagine living your life without limitations, such as taking your first flight happily, or being able to easily go to the dentist, without alarming fear or phobia, or upsetting anxiety levels.  Hypnotherapy could be the solution to help you to conquer your phobia once and for all.  No more worry and anxiety, no more fear, just the freedom to live life to the full and relax and be happy.  Hypnotherapy is proven to be the most successful method, to help you try to get rid you of your phobia for good.  I now offer you some effective phobia solutions with powerful, relaxing, supportive, hypnotherapy.  We will work with you at your own pace to try to bring about lasting change.  Our supportive Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy can slowly help you to overcome your fears, in an easy step-by-step way, at a pace just right for you.  Normally, it takes just 3 to 4 sessions of Suggestions and NLP, to help you get rid of your phobias and fears.  Sometimes it needs further sessions of deeper Hypnoanalysis, to try identifying the root cause.  The following are common phobias that a qualified, accredited, Senior Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapist) & Psychotherapist could help you overcome effectively.  

Common Phobias then full A to Z list of Phobias

  • Social phobia – Social
  • Aerophobia – Flying
  • Arachnophobia – Spiders
  • Acrophobia – Heights
  • Ornithophobia – Birds
  • Odontophobia – Dentists
  • Glossophobia – Speaking in public
  • Claustrophobia – Enclosed spaces
  • Agoraphobia – Open spaces
  • Molysomophobia – Dirt or infection
  • Emetophobia – Fear of being sick

8 Good reasons to overcome your Phobia or Fear

  1. Increased relaxation and enjoyment out of life.  
  2. Be able to do things you are currently afraid of.
  3. Able to experience new things. 
  4. Live your life without fear or anxiety.
  5. Feel in control of your life and calm.
  6. No more embarrassing social situations.
  7. No longer worried about other's reactions.
  8. Won't pass on your phobia to your children.  

What are Phobias/Fears, & why do they usually happen to many of us?

A qualified, accredited Hypnotherapist can effectively support you, to try to cure yourself of many phobias easily with powerful Hypnosis.  Phobias or Fears consist of very distressing and irrational fears of things or places.  Sometimes the reason may go back many years e.g. to your childhood.  But at other times there appears to be no apparent reason.  Or maybe you 'think' you may know a 'possible' reason, e.g. as a child shut in a cupboard and now I don’t like small or enclosed spaces.  A qualified accredited Hypnotherapist understands that whatever the phobia is, and whatever in our daily lives brings this phobia on, it can cause problems on a massive scale.  How many people will not travel abroad because of a fear of flying, yet air travel is one of the safest forms of transport?  How many people will not get something from the garden shed because of the fear of spiders, but, in this country, they are not harmful or poisonous?  Fear of open spaces keeps many people in their home, and how many people have bad, discoloured teeth because of a fear of dentists.  To successfully treat any phobia, I first try some standard methods (approximately 3 to 4 sessions of Suggestions and NLP) which usually remove the phobia.  Occasionally, if this is not effective enough, we may need to spend a further 2 to 4 sessions (Hypnoanalysis), to go back and try to fully uncover the root cause of the problem, which usually stretches back

Unusual Phobias / Fears:

  • Nyctophobia – The dark
  • Coulrophobia – Clowns
  • Entomophobia – Insects
  • Enochlophobia – Crowds
  • Ophidiophobia – Snakes
  • Ablutophobia – Washing
  • Spheksophobia – Wasps
  • Brontophobia – Thunderstorms
  • Gephydrophobia – Crossing bridges
  • Catoptrophobia – Mirrors

Cure your Phobia/Fear with Hypnotherapy & break FREE now

It's time to take control of your life and conquer your phobia once and for all.  We understand and respect your phobias, fears and concerns and will work with you at your pace to break your phobia.  I myself used to have a fear of trying to swim in either a pool or the sea.  Myself (Jeana - Senior Therapist) also had a fear of flying.  Both of my fears were cured with supportive and effective Hypnotherapy, from a qualified, accredited Hypnotherapist.  Speak to us now free, by phone, or have a free consultation, to discover how we can help you overcome your phobia today.  Change your tomorrows today here at Barnsley Hypnosis & Counselling.

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