Social Anxiety

Fear of Social Situation (Social Phobia)

Sometimes you will find the 'Fear of Social Situations' described as 'Social Phobia', 'Social Anxiety' or 'Social Confidence'.  Any form of Social Anxiety can range from just a little bit nervous in the first five minutes of meeting someone, to at the other end of the scale, having sleepless nights and anxious days before an event, even not being able to get out of bed on the day.

Social Phobia or Social Anxiety can either stem from the root cause of a negative memory of an earlier or very first social interaction.  Additionally Social Anxiety can trigger other automatic and subconcious reactions, e.g. Blushing on face and or neck, sweating, sweaty face or sweaty palms, heart and pulse beating fast (Panic).  These reactions triggered by the current or recent event can be devastating and a big hurdle re mixing.

These Social Anxieties can take place in a variety of venues or circumstances, e.g. at home when people visit, at work (interviews, meetings, presentations, team building, role play, performance appraisals, etc.

 The psychotherapy methods we use will explain further how we can help you reduce and hopefully solve your social confidence challenges.

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