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Fear of Birds (Ornithophobia)

The Fear of Birds (Ornithophobia) normally affects people by them feeling extremely terrified of the sound, unpredictability and loud flapping of the birds wings.  Often people will describe worries and fears of the birds flocking together and approaching their face or shoulders to attack.  The most the famous film which effectively illustrated this fear was the 1963 film called 'Birds' by Alfred Hitchcock, the world famous film director.  This film portraid how one bird can suddenly change into a large unpredictable approaching flock of birds.  In reality and logically, most birds approach in ones or twos, interested only in your food or prospect of leftover food.  They really do not have any interest or motivation in hurting or chasing you as a person.

This fear of birds (ornithophobia) can either be built up and worsened, due to an early personal highly anxious memory, or from experiencing another persons negative experience.  Often situational triggers can stem from observing one bird in the garden then joined by two or more, or one bird flying joined by an expanding swarm of birds.  Overall people are affected by; fast heart and pulse rate, sweaty hands and face, feeling sick, feeling trapped, the need to cover eyes and face with their arms.  In summary, one small bird can suddenly appear to change into a massive hungry attacking eagle or vulture.

There are many ways to treat this fear of birds (ornithophobia) but all must include cbt (cognitive behaviour therapy) via graduated exposure and/or clinical hypnosis/hypnotherapy.


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