Fear and Phobias

Fear of Dogs (Cynophobia)

The fear of Dogs (Cynophobia), is one of the most common fears and phobias that people suffer from.   This produces a fast, panicky pulsing heartbeat, plus extreme fight and flight response.  Additionally people may shout or scream and feel the dog is larger than it really is.  Further sufferers feel that a dog will try to scratch or bite them or chase them or trap them, no matter what the size of the dog is.  Sometimes, the fear is no less even if the approaching dog is small, on a lead and well behaved.

The earliest memories or root cause of the fear of dogs (cynophobia) is usually firmly set by an early fearful experience or witnessing someone else over reacting or being hurt by a dog.  The methods used here to treat this fear mainly rely on hypnosis and cbt (cognitive behavioural therapy) via gratuated exposure.  

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