Fear and phobia

Fear of Public Speaking (Glassophobia)

The fear of Public Speaking (Glassophobia) affects people in many expected and unexpected ways.  Leading up to an expected event the person is often very nervous, very anxious and fearful of the upcoming situation.  The scenarios could be; best man or best woman speech at a wedding, father or mother of the bride, interviews, presentations, training, group therapy, team working, appraisals, stage performances, sports performances, etc. 

Many situations and fears of public speaking (glassophobia) maybe grounded from an early negative memory or experience.  Alternatively a person may have observed or experienced another person having difficulty, anxiety or fears whilst performing public speaking.

Recent triggers to the fear may be; atempting a speech, dry mouth when trying to speak, shakey legs, sweaty face and or palms, fight and flight reaction, blushing of face and or neck, shakey voice, stuttering/stammering, brain fog or loss of concentration, fast heart and pulse, plus the wish to escape etc.

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