Fear of Dentist

Fear of Dentists (Odontophobia)

The fear or Phobia of Dentists (Odontophobia) is a very common and early onset type of fear or phobia.  It seems to be more common in older people who experienced old fashioned Dentists in white coats.  Often this fear can be so extreme that the person has no alternative but to eventually have most or all teeth extracted.  Naturally following extractions, the only alternative is full mouth removeable dentures or expensive individual or all-on-four denture implants.  It appears that younger children suffer much less Dental fear or phobia, due to more welcoming and more sensitive methods and approach by younger or newer Dentists.

In most situations and most people the fear or phobia of Dentists (Odontophobia) initially is rooted in an early memory of dentist anxiety, fear of injection pain, fear of mouth not relaxing or opening sufficiently, fear of dental blood, etc.  Additionally there can be more recent negative memories or experiences of attempted dentistry.

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