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Tests and Exams

Problems and challenges can affect many individuals when faced with informal (written, oral or practical) or formal (written,oral or practical) Tests or Exams.  Situations and likely ages can be; children at school, teenagers/adolscents at school or college.  At one end of the scale, individuals may just not like or fear Tests or Exams, but somehow manage to complete them in the end.  Further down the spectrum of difficulty with Tests and Exams, can be children/adolencents who suffer from extreme Anxiety and/or Panic Disorder.  When individuals suffer from a more extreme reaction to Tests and Exams, further assessment and diagnosis may be needed for Dyslexia (words), Dyscalculia (numbers), ADHD or Autistic Spectrum Disorders (including Aspergers).  These more serious development or learning disorders can often be an initial block to progress within class and/or with peers.

Early Root Causes that may lead to later challenges with Tests or Exams, can be; Negative Core Beliefs such as 'I am a failure', 'I am not good enough' or 'I am rubbish at this'.  Other Root Causes can be continuous subconscious words from parents or care givers, e.g. 'I was rubbish at English (or Maths) myself' or 'I never liked Tests or Exams either'.  A better response would of course be; 'Don't worry I will have a word with your Teacher and see if we can get extra help' or 'I will get some SAT's workbooks and get Dad to help you, as he is really good with numbers'.

Regular, daily or periodic current Triggers can be; Teacher saying 'There's going to be a Test on Friday' or 'This is a very important Test next week, so you will need to Study very hard'.  If you have not already done so, it would now be helpful to read our other section which explains how Study connects in with later negative experiences within Tests or Exams.  An important final component within both Tests and Exams is having sufficient Sleep, in order for the mind to file away effectively the material learnt from Study.

The modern approach and most effective system of Psychotherapy is where we intergrate different Powerful Psychotherapy Methods together.





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