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Being qualified and accredited in Hypnotherapy, CBT Therapy & Psychotherapy, we understand that you are a very unique person, with very individual and personal sets of problems, symptoms, needs, worries, goals and targets.  You presently have very unique levels of coping with your personal anxiety, stress or confidence, but Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy / CBT / Counselling / Psychotherapy can help you right now.  You may eagerly want to reduce anxiety & gain confidence, following a relationship ending, or for an interview, or for work promotion, or work performance. You may desperately want to reduce anxiety & gain confidence for sales presentations or project presentations, or public speaking at work?  You may want to reduce or remove your very high levels of disabling anxiety.  An experienced Therapist can support, empower and motivate you.  You may want to reduce or remove your challenges with sleep, driving, exams, biting nails, teeth or jaw grinding, communication?  Or you may want to decrease your anxiety performance in work, stage, or sports?  You can become a more calm and effective team player.  At last, if you seriously want to stop these challenges affecting your life and holding you back, use our amazing effective therapies now to reach your goals, at Barnsley Hypnosis & Counselling.



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