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Ongoing Relationships

Ongoing Relationships can affect Children, Teenagers and Adolescents in many different and unexpected ways.  For example if we as parents subtly or subconciously indicate we do not like someone or find them difficult, a younger person may often pick that up and copy that same negative opinion and resulting behaviour.  One minute a young person may be best friends or best buddies with someone, then the next day, they totally hate them.  If we have a positive supportive relationship with a young person, we can explain that when you are younger, things seem extremely one hundred percent black or white.  We can support them by helping them identify what they liked or found interesting or positive about that person in the past, then balance that with whatever small disagreament they are having with them right now.  We can also point out how the young person should be very careful indeed, as to not be influenced, by other people who may be trying to remove or punish that person from all friendship groups.

In many cases young people can remove themselves from a friendship group(s) before their anticipated and feared action of being removed by the group(s).  This is a common fear connected with challenges affecting Young Peoples, Low Confidence and Self-Esteem.   Sometimes, in extreme cases, a previous positive relationship with a friend or friendship group, deteriates into Bullying (on-line or in-person).

There can often be problems and challenges facing young people regarding; parent(s), grand-parents, other relatives, other young people, partners, step-parent, social workers, teachers, activity leaders e.g. sports etc.  Sometimes it is just a question of helping and supporting the young person, to see things from both sides of the coin and in shades of grey instead of 100% black or white thinking.

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