Explanation of hourly session charges.

Hourly Session Charges



All sessions take a total of 60 mins and the charge is:

Jeana Hallas (£90 per hour), Wendy Crowther (£70 per hour)

Many challenges can be overcome and goals achieved with 3-5 sessions every 1 or 2 weeks, whilst some require more sessions, with some longer apart.  Although there is a large amount of individual preparation involved before every session starts and detailed write up after, this is already included in charge. 

We have many overhead costs including: practice insurances, latest hypnotherapy software, latest therapy tools and exercises, professional association memberships, continuous professional training and development, regular professional supervision and development.


Normally if you smoke up to 20 per day, you need just one single session, normally lasting just 1 hour.  If you smoke over 20 per day, two sessions may sometimes be needed, but very occasionally three may be needed.  The total you pay for 1 or more sessions is only £270 total, paid at the end of the first session.  Cigarettes cost between £12.72 and £14.59 per packet of 20 (as of May 2024).  So if you now smoke only 20 per day at an average of £13.65 cost per packet, you could now save £415.19 per month and £4,983.00 per year.  Therefore about an average of three weeks of cigarettes cost's will cancel out the £270 charge to stop smoking! 

These massive money savings of course do not count the enormous positive impact on your improved quality of life, health and wellbeing.  Even if you brush your teeth after every single cigarette and chew gum or suck a mint, non-smokers still have to endure that foul stale smell of smoke.  Others won't suffer anymore from the bad, stale, smell, on your clothes, your hair, your breath, your fingers and skin.  Smoking smells can even return back up from the lungs and out via the mouth and breath or through the skin.  Maybe you can't smell it anymore, but be sure others can and it's an horrendous smell if they don't smoke themselves.  This dirty, old, foul smell, also lingers on your chairs, curtains, carpets, and in your car, for months and months.  


  • Stop Smoking = 1 or more sessions (within the first 28 days).
  • Anxiety, Panic, Stress, Anger, Sleep, Pain = 4 to 8+ sessions
  • Fears, Phobias, Habits = 3 to 6+ sessions
  • Alcohol, Drugs, Addictions, Depression, Negative Thinking, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Dis., Borderline Personality Dis., Bi-Polar Dis., Anorexia, Bulimia = 6 to 12+ sessions. 
  • Confidence, Self-Esteem, Assertiveness, Public Speaking, Communication, Interviews, Performance, re: school, college, work, sports, stage = 3 to 6+ sessions.
  • Weight Loss, Bingeing, Weight Gain, Limited Eating Preferences = 6 to 8+ sessions.
  • Stress Reduction & Positivity re: IVF/Conceiving, Pregnancy, Birth = 4 to 8+ sessions.
Professional Type
Session Fee
Hourly Fee
*Our Therapy *1 hr  *£70-£90 *£70-£90
Counsellor 50 min £55 £66
Psychotherapist 50 min £70 £90
Life / Perf. Coach 50 min £80 £95
Psychologist 50 min £90 £110
Chiropodist 15 min £20 £80
Dental Hygienist 30 min £57 £114
Lawyer 45 min £180 £240
Dentist 10 min £50 £300

*Clinical Hypnotherapy, *Counselling, Psychotherapy, CBT


Beware and be careful: remember in life, you get what you pay for.  Some advertised therapy charges may initially appear lower cost than ours and initially appear to cost less and appear better value for money.  However our sessions are 1hour active therapy, whilst many are much less at only 35 mins, 40 mins, 45 mins, or 50 mins.  We use an Integrated Approach combining various models of therapy to best suit your unique needs and symptoms, so we do not only use one method of either Hypnosis or Counselling or CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or Psychotherapy:

Example 1: to best help someone needing confidence with 'Public Speaking or Presentations', we use both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Performance Counselling.  

Example 2: to best help someone with 'Clinical Depression and Anxiety', we use both Clinical Hypnotherapy and CBT Counselling.

So it's not just session charges that you must consider, it's also the best method or combination of methods best for you, plus the number of sessions and overall length of time to achieve your important goals and positive changes.  Finally, levels of service charges in all walks of life normally reflect the service provider's levels of training, qualifications, skills and experience.


Sorry, but we do not accept payment by cheque, or credit card, or debit card, (due to previous bad experiences even with a guarantee card).  Please arrange the cash in advance of your session.  There is a free cashpoint a few hundred metres away at the local Coop or across road at the Post Office.  Cash payments remove the handling charges of credit or debit card transactions, keeping session charges lower and this saves you money. 


All cancellations not notified at least 48 hours before may be charged for at 50% fee.  If you genuinely cannot make an appointment for illness, work, or important reason, please inform us early, no later than 48 hours.  


You must first be motivated and determined that you really do wish to change the negative habit or behaviour into a positive one.  For example: a partner, friend or relative of a smoker cannot force or persuade a potential client to stop.  Without a wish to stop and a wish date by the client, even highly effective therapy will not work. 

You will see that our many satisfied clients enter feedback reviews directly themselves, either directly into our website page, or via our third party directory registration: http://www.freeindex.co.uk Remember though, there are no ‘cast iron’ guarantees on effectiveness.  This is because it depends heavily also on your full personal cooperation and motivation to attend sessions and sometimes complete short tasks between sessions.  However, if you are receiving therapy from a well-trained, well experienced, accredited Psychotherapist, CBT Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Counsellor or Coach, then effective therapy will work 'most times' and for 'most people'. 

Your personal determination, belief, and cooperation are all essential components.  To maximise our success, before every new session we ask the client for honest feedback since the last session.  Immediately after every session ends we ask for honest client feedback on that session.  Our continuous re-focusing of your personal made-to-measure therapy maximises effectiveness and success greatly.  For most problems or development needs, the client is given a supportive personal record diary, to measure, motivate and celebrate achievements against realistic targets, to reduce, stop, or improve a behaviour, habit, or weakness.  


When you visit us you are paying for our expertise and time, resulting from a mixture of: training, qualifications, experience, plus continuous supervision and professional development.  We will try very hard to maximise your individual response to therapy.  However, a 'result', or 'cure', or 'fix', or 'change', cannot be guaranteed.  This is due to each individual's unique and unpredictable mix of: honesty, co-operation, willpower, motivation, and post-therapy reactions.  Sometimes more sessions than the original number estimated may also be needed, before the maximum therapy response can be aimed for.  Charges paid for sessions cannot be refunded, however re Stop Smoking we offer free top-up sessions within the first 28 days of the first session.

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