Why not SAVE money, look & feel good, smell good, be healthy?

How many times have you really wanted to stop smoking?  Have you tried to stop smoking with conscious willpower alone?  Does it now seem like every newspaper, every TV programme or advert, every leaflet is talking about smoking cessation or how to stop smoking?  Some people succeed with patches, gum, drugs and willpower, but most fail over and over again.  Did you know that a qualified, accredited Hypnotherapist could support you easily, in a powerful, natural and permanent way?  Have you tried to stop smoking due to negative reactions of: partners, family, work colleagues, or customers?  Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy (inc. NLP) can help you stop smoking here in Royston, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire, at Barnsley Hypnosis & Counselling with a written guarantee (read later).  Have you tried to stop smoking, to remove that offensive, really awful smell, in your clothes, your breath, or your hair?  An honest non-smoker will tell you that you can never get rid of that old stale ash-tray smell, as it comes from deep down in your lungs and throat but also travels through the pores of your skin.  No amount of teeth brushing or mint gum or mint lozenges or mint mouth spray will kill that awful stale smell, but it also lingers in your hair and clothes and even under your fingernails.  Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy (inc. NLP) could support you now right here in Barnsley.  Have you tried to stop smoking to save money, maybe for a wonderful relaxing holiday?  Have you tried to stop smoking, to save money, maybe for home improvements? Have you tried to stop smoking to save money for a new car?  Have you ever tried to stop smoking to buy special something for your loved ones?  Don't burn your money on killer cigarettes, don't waste your hard earned cash and don’t risk your future health.  Kill that dirty smelly dangerous habit now before it slowly kills you.  Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy (inc. NLP) could empower you now at Barnsley Hypnosis & Counselling.  Do not allow any more serious internal damage to your body, or further internal rotting and destruction of your internal organs.  Did you know that Smoking not only can cause life-threatening lung cancer, but also many more destructive cancers within your: lips, mouth, nose, tongue, throat, voice-box, all the areas that smoke passes before it even starts to rot and slowly kill off your lungs.  Smoking also reduces the ability for your cells to carry oxygen, plus it makes your airways get smaller and tighter, so you then get COPD and much more serious deterioration of your precious body (see full list below to stop your daily ticking time-bomb right now).  Some people even have to have the lower half of their legs amputated, following poor circulation and lack of oxygen within their blood cells 

20 cigarettes cost £7 to £8.25 per packet (June 2014), but multi-packs are slightly less. 

At £7.00 per packet, just imagine other things you could spend £2,555, or £3,833, or £5,110 on?

  • If you smoke 20 daily at £7.00 per packet you save £2,555 in one year! 
  • If you smoke 30 daily at £7.00 per packet you save £3,833 in one year!  
  • If you smoke 40 daily at £7.00 per packet you save £5,110 in one year!  

At £8.25 per packet, just imagine other things you could spend £3,011, or £4,517, or £6,023 on?

  • If you smoke 20 daily at £8.25 per packet you save £3,011 in one year! 
  • If you smoke 30 daily at £8.25 per packet you save £4,517 in one year!  
  • If you smoke 40 daily at £8.25 per packet you save £6,023 in one year! 

The smell never goes, it is always there

Even if you brush your teeth after every single cigarette and chew gum or suck a mint, non-smokers still have to endure that foul stale smell of smoke.  Others won't suffer anymore from the bad, stale, smell, on your clothes, your hair, your breath, your fingers and skin.  Smoking smells can even return back up from the lungs and out via the mouth and breath or through the skin.  Maybe you can't smell it anymore, but be sure others can and it's an horrendous smell if they don't smoke themselves.  This dirty, old, foul smell, also lingers on your chairs, curtains, carpets, and in your car, for months and months.  Take a look now on the awful health problems below.

Kill your High-Risk habit now

Easily release yourself now, from the expensive, dangerous habit of smoking, with very gentle Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy, without using drugs, patches, other artificial means, or suffering withdrawal, when you finally Stop Smoking.  It is well proven that less and less adults are now smoking due to the alarming, clear evidence about the ticking-time-bomb damage to all the organs of the body.  However, there still appears to be more young people and children attracted to this deadly killer addiction.  The majority of young new smoker-addicts have grown up with one or more parents smoking, so you must give up now and become a healthy non-smoker role model.  Why not save yourself from smoking related diseases and killer cancers now, by using our easy Smoking Cessation therapy here in Royston, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire.  Our powerful Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy (inc NLP) will not just help you stop smoking, it will also empower you to feel more relaxed, less stressed, more confident, more happy each and every day.  Have you previously tried another form of Smoking Cessation and it just did not work?  Did you feel miserable, depressed, irritable, anxious, less able to concentrate?  Did the weight just seem to pile on and on, yet you still couldn't stop your smoking addiction?  My amazing Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy (inc NLP) ensures that you won’t even mind that other people may be still smoking dangerously nearby.  This empowering Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy (inc NLP) enables you to feel a strong positive, calm, reassuring glow, as you know you are now healthy, happy and safe from internal body-destruction.  So if you really now want to stop smoking right now, use our powerful, stress-busting, effective smoking cessation therapy here at Barnsley Hypnosis & Counselling.

Real benefits to you if you STOP Smoking Now

  • Food begins to taste so much better and enjoyable
  • Increase in the potential of a much longer life expectancy
  • Decreased risk of life threatening cancers, e.g. lung cancer & heart disease
  • Lower risk of rotting cancers re: lips, mouth, nose, tongue, throat, voice-box
  • Clothing & hair smells much fresher and cleaner, not like smelly ash-trays
  • Teeth become whiter and breath clean and fresh, hair regains shine & health
  • Skin becomes healthier and up to 10 years younger looking
  • Sex drive increases due to increased oxygen, more energy, better breathing
  • Decreased impotence in men due to increased oxygen & better hormones
  • Increased fertility levels and chance of having a healthy pregnancy and baby
  • Great financial savings, for holiday, car, improvements, family etc. 
  • Stop smoking via Smoking Cessation Therapy will save your body & money 


  • Adults, children or babies, shouldn't have to inhale my harmful smoke!
  • Wouldn't it be a relief, not to cough so much waste products in the morning!
  • Wouldn't it be good, not to cough up lots of nasty looking thick yellow stuff!
  • Wouldn't it be fantastic, not to puff and pant and strain walking up hills!
  • Wouldn't it be a relief, to think I won’t get smoking-related emphysema!

Stop Smoking now via Smoking Hypnosis, to save your health & money.  You owe it to your loved ones and family and friends not to die too early from an agonising smoker's death.  Stop smoking right here and right now, at Barnsley Hypnosis & Counselling, in Royston, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire.  

Protect your family – think of them, NOT just your Addiction

Spend a few moments and think of your partner, family, and good friends.  There are many more smoking-related cancers other than listed above such as: stomach cancer, breast cancer, pancreas cancer, colon (bowel) cancer, liver cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, womb (cervix) cancer, non-Hodgkin’s tumours, blood cancers(Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia or AML), Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL).  Finally there is also the serious breathing disease of COPD (Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema).  Often parts or all of these organs have to be removed.  For example losing the ability to walk, or having a plastic bag fitted to collect urine or solid toilet waste.  Circulation of blood can also be affected and in some cases a lower or full leg needs to be amputated, due to poor circulation to avoid gangrene.  

Why choose Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy to stop smoking, opposed to other products? – So could a Hypnotherapist really help?

In 1992 the 'New Scientist' highly respected magazine published the results of the largest ever clinical study into the most effective smoking cessation method, including Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy amongst others.  The study involved over 70,000 people, using various smoking cessation methods to help them try to finally stop smoking.  The study showed that smokers trying to stop smoking using will power alone had a 6% success rate.  After a qualified, accredited Hypnotherapist supported and empowered smokers with just 1 session of hypnosis / hypnotherapy, the smoker’s chance of success increased  by 60%, compared to all other smoking cessation methods.  You may be really shocked to know that Nicotine replacement therapy alone only had a low 10% success rate. 


"Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy (inc NLP) is the most effective way of to stop smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. ‘Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little’ (New Scientist, Volume 136 issue 1845 dated 31 Oct 1992).  Smoking causes almost 90% of deaths from lung cancer, around 80% of deaths from bronchitis and emphysema, and around 17% of deaths from heart disease.

  • About one third of cancer deaths are attributed to smoking.  These include cancer of the: lung, mouth, lip, throat, bladder, kidney, stomach, liver, cervix.
  • People who smoke between 1 and 14 cigarettes a day have eight times the risk of dying from lung cancer compared to non-smoker.
  • Smokers under the age of 40 have five times greater risk of a heart attack than non-smokers.


  • Half of all cigarette smokers will eventually be killed by their addiction
  • Every year 114,000 smokers in the UK die from smoking related causes  (Click this large site, to see important, valuable statistics and information from leading organisations about the health dangers if you don't stop smoking.  Many links there inc British Heart Foundation, NHS, Cancer UK).


Before you permit your personal health to go up in smoke and before you continue to agree for your body's cells, organs and tissues to deteriorate, please read these further accurate death figures of your destructive and extremely dangerous smoking addiction.  About 106,000 people in the UK die as a result of smoking in 1 year – this equates to 12 people every hour.  Over 22% of all male deaths and 11% of all female deaths are due to smoking.  Smoking kills around 6 times more people in UK than total of all: Road Traffic Accidents (3,391 in 2009), Other Accidents (8,933 in 2009), Poisonings and Overdoses (3157 in 2009), Murders and Manslaughters (495 in 2009), Suicides (4,485 in 2009), and HIV Infections (180 in 2009).  Yes, I imagine you are very surprised to discover that smoking killed more in 2009 than all these other tragic deaths added together!  Yes, unfortunately, many of these other distressing deaths are difficult to avoid, but fortunately for you, smoking and the distressing death it can cause, is just a personal matter of choice.  Now, you finally have all this information and statistics, will you now think again really carefully about your future?  Are you now thinking YES, when you ask yourself this same question - 'Do I try to Stop Smoking now or not?' 


  • Smokers have a 1 in 2 risk of getting ill and dying early from smoking. 
  • Smoking causes nearly a third of all cancer deaths. 
  • Half of all teenagers currently smoking will die from tobacco diseases if they continue to smoke.  One quarter will die age 70 and one quarter before, those dying before 70 lose on average 23 years of life. 
  • Between years 1950 and 2000 about six million Britons, 60 million people worldwide, have died from tobacco diseases. 
  • Worldwide, about 4 million die prematurely each year due to smoking.  Based on current trends, this will rise to 10 million a year by 2030. 
  • Tobacco is the only legally available consumer product which kills people effectively, when used entirely as intended.


There are many more poisons in cigarettes, apart from well-known 3 ingredients you already know about: Tobacco, Nicotine and Tar.  There is not enough space to list all harmful and dangerous poisons, but the worst ones are: arsenic, ammonia, methanol, methane.  These unknown nasty ingredients can severely damage and rot your internal organs of your body.  In later years some of the damage to the lungs is irreversible; however a dramatic increase and improvement in breathing capacity can occur after 21 days of stopping this dangerous, deadly addiction. 


Latest disturbing research has demonstrated and proven that there is an increase in head and neck cancers due to alcohol abuse or smoking.  Imagine if you both drink regular alcohol and also smokes regularly, then you have doubled your risks.  So really if you continue regular drinking of alcohol plus smoking, then you have set in motion a silent ticking-time-bomb within your own body.  The areas which can be destroyed and rot are: neck, nose, lips, mouth, tongue, throat, larynx, voice-box.   


You only pay one charge of £240 and most people stop smoking after one session.  This deep and powerful hypnosis session (inc. NLP) delivers strong messages to your subconscious.  Should you not stop after the first session or you stop but feel you need another session and then all further session(s) will be free within 28 days.  You receive a written guarantee signed by us offering you further session(s) free within 28 days if you need them.  The success of your Hypnotherapy (inc. NLP) and the condition of our guarantee is that you follow our instructions, including listening to your personalised CD every day for 14 days after your first session (plus 14 days after any other free ones).  Providing you (without pressure from others) are motivated to stop, one session is normally powerful enough for you to Stop Smoking and break free of that dirty, anti-social, dangerous and often deadly addiction.  When you visit us you are paying for our expertise and time.  We try very hard to maximise your individual response to therapy.  However, a 'result', or 'cure', cannot be guaranteed, no professional organisation or insurance company, would allow us to do that.  Like most other professionals providing their time and expertise, we do not refund our professional charges.

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