Other addictions

Other Addictions

Other Addictions (excluding smoking, alcohol, drugs and gambling) can be very time consuming, anxiety-provoking and depressing.  As with the other four addictions, these often lead to the following; lying, poor financial control, falling out with family and/or friends, relationship breakdowns, frustration and anger, arguing, even suicidal tendancies.  These Other Addictions (excluding the four above) can include; gaming, shopping, sex, using sex workers, wearing certain clothes, internet, social media addiction, dating site addiction, self masturbation, etc. 

As there are too many Other Addictions to mention here, we have carefully put together a list of other challenges in an A-Z format.  To summerise,  any thought and/or behaviour which is repeated and unwanted by the person and/or others can always be described as an unwanted addiction.

Like all addictive behaviours or thoughts it is essential to fully explore if and what was the very first root cause.  Additionally, it is important to also check what are the current day-to-day situational triggers, which keep these unwanted addictions alive and strong.  Other Addictions need Powerful Psychotherapy/CBT.

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