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Would you like to finally break free of the addictive chains that are holding you back in a negative past?  Would you like to receive step-by-step, supportive help, to empower you to start afresh and enjoy a happier, more positive life?  Are you ready to try to break free now?  If so, please read further information, about how the latest, powerful Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy & Counselling, can help you in Royston, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire.  Here are details of the most common addictions, but there are many more which we can help you overcome.  Overall the most common addiction is Alcohol.  Common drug addictions are: Cocaine, Ketamine, Ecstasy, Cannabis, Amphetamines and Tranquillisers.  Common gambling addictions are: Scratch Cards, Lottery, Horse Racing, Roulette, Poker.  Plus there are many more addictions such as: Internet Gaming, Shopping, Sex, Shoplifting, Pornography, plus many more.  Please see our full A to Z List on the left navigation bar.  We are very experienced in these areas and we can help you overcome your addictions, using a mixture of the latest powerful methods, including Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, Counselling, Psychotherapy (explanation of therapies on the left page tab).

At then end of this page you can discover a real client case study.  This example details before, during and after addiction recovery, plus a copy of the client's thank you letter sent to us 6 months after full recovery. 


Addictions such as drugs, drinking, gambling, ruin the lives of those addicted and those near them.  It becomes a never-ending cycle of harmful, destructive behaviour.  So the addict's life (along with their partner's, close family and friend's) becomes a continuous emotional Roller-Coaster of anticipation, excitement, loss, guilt, debt, arguments, distrust, anxiety, stress, depression and even more guilt.  This destructive, depressing, Addict-Cycle keeps repeating itself, like a CD stuck in the 'automatic replay' mode in a CD Player.  Our therapies are able to change the way you think about your addiction, breaking the link between the old patterns of behaviour and the reinforcement that keeps you addicted.  We can help you break that cycle and set you free from addiction, allowing you to live life to the full.


Latest disturbing research has demonstrated and proven that there is an increase in head and neck cancers due to alcohol abuse or smoking.  Imagine if you both drink regular alcohol and also smokes regularly, then you have doubled your risks.  So really if you continue regular drinking of alcohol plus smoking, then you have set in motion a silent ticking-time-bomb within your own body.  The areas which can be destroyed and rot are: neck, nose, lips, mouth, tongue, throat, larynx, voice-box. 


Very often clients realise that an issue, such as drinking or drugs, is becoming a problem.  They would rather cut down, than stop altogether.  Whatever the addiction and whatever the severity we are able to help you cut down or stop all together, the choice is yours.  Speak to us by phone, to gain more free information.  You (and your loved ones and close friends) no longer need to be trapped in this depressing and destructive Addiction-Cycle.  Would you now finally like to be set free, from the invisible chains that are holding you back in a negative and distressing past?  If you feel that today the time is right for you gain a more positive and happy future, contact us now and we can support you to move forward with the assistance of our powerful latest therapies.  We can now offer you up-to-date and widely researched methods to provide you with life-changing opportunities.  These methods  are empowered via Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, Counselling, Psychotherapy, all provided here in Royston, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire. 


Whether you have an addiction yourself or you're watching a loved one suffering, it's time to contact us and see how we can help overcome the addiction once and for all.  Maybe by now, you feel that this destructive addiction has controlled your life for long enough?  Maybe this is the right time at last, to remove the hold that this negative addiction has over your life, work, education, money, family, plus your happiness.  An addiction does not just wreck the addict’s life, it slowly destroys the life of many others around them.  Speak to us now, to find out how we can help you today here.  Many addicts like you have already unsuccessfully tried free NHS counselling or free government funded advice in Barnsley or other parts of South Yorkshire or West Yorkshire.  The lack of success may have been because they or you were not yet ready, or they could not continue attending due to no sessions at night or weekends?  Or maybe it did not work because they did not feel comfortable in a large group therapy session?  You can now finally gain successful help, via our confidential, personal 1 to 1 sessions, here in Royston, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire.  Our sessions are carefully developed following a long Assessment of your unique and personal needs, stresses and lifestyle.  Our effective sessions are a powerful and positive combination of: Clinical Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Person-Centered Counselling, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Person-Centered / Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. 

Our unique programmes are not to try to get you to Stop, but to realistically reduce and withdraw, whilst reducing anxiety, stress, depression, low confidence, negative memories, often being the original 'drivers' that created the addiction in the first place.  Beware that if the 'drivers' are not handled then another addiction might take its place, e.g. drinking more alcohol.  Often the addictive substance is a form of 'self-medication', needed to handle and survive present or past negative challenges / traumas, anxieties and stress.  We have extensive experience in addiction counselling therapy, both residentially and day therapy settings.  We can help you now remove the many addictions around today including: Drinking Alcohol, Coke / Cocaine, Ket / Ketamine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Cannabis.  We can also help you overcome many Gambling Addictions including: Horse Betting, Scratch Cards, Lottery Tickets, Pub Slot Machines, Casinos re: Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, Other Card Games, Slot Machines, etc.  We empower you to finally and successfully overcome your addiction(s), using Clinical Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy, Counselling, CBT, NLP and Psychotherapy, here in Royston, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire. 

Don't make excuses, don't delay - do it today, free yourself from the invisible chains holding you back in an addictive life and stealing your hard-earned cash.  Please don't let these harmful substances harm your life, work or leisure anymore, or ruin the life of your friends or loved ones.  We really can help you and support you step-by-step to overcome the habit that has taken over your life.  Start to get your life back today and break free from the addictions of: Alcohol, Coke / Cocaine, Ket / Ketamine, Smack / Heroin, E / Ecstasy, Cannabis, or Other Drugs.  Starting today also starts to free yourself from the control of many Gambling addictions including: Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, Other Card Games, Slot Machines, etc. 


Gambling addiction (including online) is becoming more and more common with the present availability and ease that people can enjoy a flutter online. Internet gambling, whether it be online poker, horse racing, roulette, or any number of gambling activities is now available 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.  Gambling addiction is known as a compulsive behaviour, and remarkably it is very similar to the same psychological mechanism that keeps smokers in the habit of smoking. With gambling addictions, many addicts may experience a build-up of excitement as the potential of having a flutter arrives.  If however the compulsion to gamble has to be delayed (perhaps they have to take the kids to school or have an appointment to keep), a tremendous build-up of excitement is experienced. Indeed the longer the gambling activity is put off, the more excitement and thrill and anticipation builds up.  What is going on here is a mechanism of 'expectation build up'. When the time finally arrives to have a gamble, the top peak of excitement is experienced. If the addict is successful and wins, this leads to a 'belief reinforcement' that things are not so bad, indeed, 'If I won that time - perhaps I can win again and again'.


 With compulsive gambling - it's not so much the 'winning' that drives the whole process, but the excitement and expectation of potentially winning. This of course long term is not a viable belief system because odds are always stacked in the favour of the casino/ bookie and unless the gambling addict is highly skilled at studying 'form' (in horse racing), or is themselves a bookie (the person who is brokering the bet), or is a professional poker player of the highest standard - the belief of 'winning long term' is simply a continuous (false) belief system.  That said - the drive for the gambling addiction (compulsion) is not so much about 'becoming rich' from gambling - it's about the feelings involved with the activity - the excitement - the anticipation - the buzz. It is also about the feelings of guilt that follow pretty much all losses of money when gambling goes the wrong way.  Once the gambler has been able to satisfy the desire for a 'punt' - upon the most likely outcome of the event which is losing more money, or borrowing more money, (or winning an amount to cause a minor dent in many debts already built up through gambling activities) - a big feeling of loss and guilt are the most likely effects.  So the addict's life (along with their partner's, close family and close friend's) becomes a continuous emotional Roller-Coaster of anticipation, excitement, loss, guilt, debt, arguments, distrust, anxieties, depression and more guilt.  This destructive, depressing, Addict-Cycle keeps repeating itself, like a CD stuck in the 'automatic replay' mode in a CD Player.  This is true of many other addictions not just gambling!


People who are addicted to gambling feel compelled to gamble - it's as though there was something inside of them and out of their control - which in fact is closer to the truth than you may think.  The result of this activity long term is 'going broke' - literally.  Many hypnotherapists will only offer suggestion therapy to help people with gambling addictions, but this may wear off in time and may only 'paper over the cracks'.  However advanced therapy will use a wider combination of Clinical Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) , CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Counselling & Psychotherapy.  Additionally, a form of Clinical Hypnosis called Regression to Cause or Hypnoanalysis, can identify the 'root cause', or real reason for the compulsive gambling activity, to ensure the person truly free of compulsive behaviour patterns.  If you feel that today the time is right for you gain a more positive and happy future, contact us now and we can support you to move forward with the assistance of our powerful latest therapies.  We can now offer you up-to-date and widely researched methods to provide you with life-changing opportunities.  These methods  are empowered via Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, Counselling, Psychotherapy, all provided here in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. 


Let us start with this woman's lovely 'Thank You Letter' which was sent with a 'Thank You Card' to us, 6 months after successful therapy where she fully recovered from alcohol abuse.  This is an exact copy of her words within the letter she posted to us........ "Looking back in my life via your therapy, I now realise and I now admit that I had been a chronic alcoholic for more than 3 years.  Also that my education and career path was just to please my pushy parents, not what I really wanted.  After just 4 sessions with you I could then meet friends in a bar without even wanting a drink.  After my total of 11 sessions I felt really positive, relaxed and back in control.  I then went on to re-prioritise my life and I fell back in love with my husband and him with me.  I have changed my job to a less stressful and more enjoyable one.  We have just returned from a 2-week lovely holiday, which we both felt was like a second honeymoon.  Thank you so much Jeana for all you that you helped me to discover and realise, then to go on to achieve''........  This 38-year old woman consulted us and told us that until recently she had a high-flying career as a Company Director in a nearby city.  She previously had a nice house, a lovely, loving devoted husband, a great company car and two close good female friends, plus also two close work colleagues.  She often felt stressed during and after work and stopped off most nights with her two or three colleagues at the Wine Bar on her way home from work just for '1 drink'.  As the months and years went by each night got a little later before she eventually arrived home.  At home she also often then continued drinking with and after the evening meals.  Following many discussions then later regular arguments with her husband, she maintained she did not have a 'drink problem' and she was most certainly not an 'alcoholic', even though she never missed one day.  After a car accident (sober) then the death of her Mother, her 'social drinking', went even more out of control.  One year later she was stopped by the Police and breathalysed at 7:00am on her way to work.  She was still almost double the limit from the night before.  She spent most of the day in a cell and felt very embarrassed and ashamed.  Her husband left her, as he was now very fed up of her lies, hiding of alcohol bottles, plus mood swings, then 3 months later she lost her licence.  Immediately she lost her high-flying job and company car, plus the career she had spent 16 years working towards following university.  She had worked her way up first as a trainee, then supervisor, then manager, then director.  Her life then 'piece by piece' disintegrated rapidly, as she became depressed, anxious and panicky.  She then lost her two close work colleagues, then two close friends, one by one.  Although her husband helped her for a while, he got fed up and filed for divorce and their lovely house was up for sale.  Four months later she could not afford to live and buy food from her unemployment benefit money, due to many big credit card bills.  Eventually her husband offered to pay for therapy and that's when I met her.  After 4 sessions of Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and Counselling, she almost stopped her drinking and her depression and anxiety started to lift.  After another 7 sessions her drinking had totally stopped and her mood was positive, calm, hopeful and optimistic.  She went to the gym, lost weight and even changed her hairstyle as she felt so good about the future.  Then she regained her driving licence and got a new, less stressful, more enjoyable job, which she really enjoyed and still does.  She realised now that her previous job had drained her too much.  After 2 months of dating together again, her husband moved back with her and they are still happily together after 6 months.  Conclusion: even though her presenting symptoms were severe alcohol abuse, the daily triggers were stress at work, but the initial root cause was unrealistic career plans she aimed for not for herself but to please her pushy parents.  In reality she did not like her job and she did not like the stress of it, so eventually she found a less stressful job that 'she' really wanted to do.  


Spend per day £10 £25 £50
  1 year £3,650 £9,125 £18,250
  2 years £7,300 £18,250 £36,500
  5 years £18,250 £45,625 £91,250
10 years £36,500 £91,250 £182,500
20 years £73,000 £182,500 £365,000
40 years £146,000 £365,000 £730,000

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