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These day's it's now even so much easier, speedier, and completely anonymous to play slot machines, play casino, place bets, play bingo, etc, all immediately via mobile, tablet, ipad, laptop or desktop-computer.  Further, it is very rare that paper hard-earned cash or real currency exchanges hands.  In place of cash, people quickly and easily, without much thought, maximise their bank overdraft, debit cards, credit card debts, so it doesn’t appear like there is any real loss of real  hard earned money.

Many symptoms result from addictive gambling re: casino's, slot machines, horses, dogs, etc.  The main symptoms are: in-ability to relax, acute anxiety, situation-related stress, isolation, loneliness, relationship challenges, bullying, past traumas, bereavement, parental disputes, increasing debts (credit cards, bank accounts, HP, loans, household bills etc).  Overall it appears from our 40 plus years experience, that many clients are escaping from day-to-day challenges and simply temporarily and addictively distracting themselves.  Unfortunately, this distraction-desperation misery does not benefit the client, but it does tremendously increase and worsen the client's problems and challenges.

Over the last few years betting shops have been acquiring their major profits only from slot machines.  This is why you will see three, four or more betting shops within the same brand and company on the same road.  Presently and legally, they are allowed to put a maximum number of slot machines into each shop, so there is definetly a "flaw in the law".  There have been many recent attempts by the UK Gambling Commission to reduce the cap per play plus also the overall loss in a day, plus monitor total overall loss.  This was hoped to assist addictive gamblers to carefully pause, reflect, plus seek help with their persistance gambling.  Unfortunately, once again, in September 2022 the government white paper was postponed, its parlimentry discussion time and potential for changes in the law.

The only effective therapy that can identify and uncover the triggers, reasons and inner-needs for why the addiction was so heavily embedded within the gamblers identity and life.  Fortunately you can easily access our proven and practical support to help you quit right now.  The method we would use to go back in time, to identify and treat your past and early 'Root-Causes' would be our affective 'Psychodynamic-Psychotherapy'.

We get many clients friends, partners, employers, plus family members pleading with us to see someone and help them eradicate, quit, stop the dreadful, destructive, strong addiction of various gambling addictions and types.

Many NHS services, government departments, therapist, plus charities can help people reduce, then finally stop their distructive gambling addiction.  Unfortunately these free services can be flawed in two important ways: A) usually a minimum of 12 months waiting list and/or B) only concentrate on day-to-day reduction and/or stopping by surface counselling re: coping and feeding back progress.  Over and over again our successful clients help us realise and identify the importance of regressing back  to the early 'Root-Cause' of who, why, when, how, this distructive distraction started.  It is so important to go deeper into the sub-concious/unconcious mind, to release, minimise and let go of early negative traumas or influences affecting present day coping and functioning.





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