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We get many clients friends, partners, employers, plus family members begging us to see someone and help them stop, quit, eradicate the dreadful, destructive, strong addiction of various drugs.

There are many other therapists, government departments, NHS services, plus charities that help people attempt to finally come off drugs.

We have over 30 years’ experience of substance mis-use, gained within the NHS sector, volunteer charities, youth services, Army/Navy/RAF services, plus a leading London private hospital.  Our in-depth and practical approach and treatment-success never ever relies purely on the old practice of "Symptom Chasing".  The only truly effective and permanent way of freeing yourself from these terrible addictions is to let us help you discover and identify the true, real, Situational Triggers, plus deeply held Negative Core-Beliefs, including the even deeper initial Root Causes.

There are many drugs we can help you with but the main ones presently are: Cannabis (Weed, Skunk, Hash), Ketamine, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Heroin, Spice, Ecstasy, plus other party-drugs and party-highs.  The party scenes and festivals, plus pubs and clubs have much to answer for in there increased ease and opportunity for people to sell, acquire and experience many party and dance highs.

Help us help you. Arrange a booking today!