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Here we get lots of client's friends, partners, employers, plus other family members, begging us to see someone and help them quit, stop, eradicate the dreadful, destructive, strong addiction of various non-prescribed drugs.  

There are many free government departments, free NHS services, plus free charities that help people attempt to finally come off drugs. The big problem is, due to the increase availability, higher strength plus lower price of non-prescribed substances, the free NHS and free charities cannot cope with the demand, therefore there is an exceptionally long waiting list for drugs treatment, e.g. 12 months plus.

At Barnsley Hypnosis and Counselling we have over 40 years’ experience of substance mis-use, gained within the NHS sector, detox centres, volunteer charities, youth services, Army/Navy/RAF services, plus a world-leading London private hospital.  Our practical and in-depth approach and treatment-success never relies only on the old practice of "Symptom Chasing".  The only truly effective and permanent way of freeing yourself from these terrible life-destroying addictions, is to let us help you discover and identify the true, real, current Situational Triggers, plus deeply held Negative Core-Beliefs, including the even deeper initial Root Causes.

Most other therapists (private or NHS), within detox clinics, hospitals, doctors, nurses, charities, still concentrate purely on the here and now: type of drug treatment, frequency, amount, reduction.  Whether this be solely prescribed medication (e.g. diazapam, librium or temazepam etc), and/or other therapies.  Mostly these therapies only concentrate on the daily triggers and the present reduction strategies.  The most common methods of therapy used are: counselling, cbt (cognitive behavioual therapy), hypnotherapy or psychotherapy.

The biggest challenge and barrier to successful affective substance mis-use therapy, is to carefully and sensitively support the client to regress back to why, when, how, the addictive roller-coaster first started and took hold. We have discovered over many years that this 'Root-Cause' identification, support and treatment, is equally as important as only the current 'Trigger' and 'Reduction' approach.  The clinical name for this approach is called 'Psychodynamic-Psychotherapy', (how the subconcious/unconcious part of the mind strongly influences how we now think, believe, feel, plus behave within our day-to-day life).  Here we look for any substantial past traumas or events that could also affect daily triggers.

There are many non-prescribed drugs we can help you with but the main ones presently are: Cannabis (Weed, Skunk, Hash), Ketamine, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Crack-Cocaine, Heroin, Spice, Ecstasy, plus other non-prescribed-drugs and party-highs.  The party scenes and festivals, plus pubs and clubs have much to answer for in there increased ease and opportunity for people to sell, acquire and experience many party-highs and dance-highs. 

However, although some young people may sample or try drugs in these settings, there are equally many others who try drugs within the following: friendship-based groups, work-based groups, leisure-based groups, activity-based groups, gym-based groups, or entertainment-based groups.  There is a new emerging group starting to appear more and more within there own home and using non-prescribed substances alone.  Here the highs and lows of taking drugs are more likely to be replaced by the lows and lows of acute or chronic anxiety, stress, ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) or depression.

To summarise, overall the client with substance mis-use challenges, may fit into one of two categories: A) Functional User (can still work, education, sports, socialise, operate daily) or is B) Non-Functional User (is too drug-reliant to function or operate in life in general).  The major danger with Non-Functional Users is daily isolation, lack of motivation, lack of support and socialising.

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