Stop Vaping

Stop Vaping

Stop vaping right now today!  Many people in the past found it extremely hard to quit or stop smoking.  However, right now, what has resenty emerged is a newer even more addictive habit, that clients ask us for assistance to stop or quit vaping as soon as possible.

Until very recently, everyone, including medical professionals, believed that smoking was far more dangerous and far more addictive than apparent habit or addiction of vaping.  Which is easy to see why (without any full clinical trials) everyone thought this at the start.

The big shocking suprise now, is that we now know that instead of the flavour (oil-based) within a vape machine, is being diverted automatically, into the lungs, instead of originally thought, the stomach.  In order for any flavour to be transmitted from the vaping machine, it must be transported within the body via a oil-based coating.  Normally, as mentioned before, oil, which is a form of food, should automatically be diverted to the stomach.

We now know that from latest research (BBC and Other Sources to follow later) that vaping has become even more of an addiction and danger that smoking than ever was.  Finally, the latest research proves with outstanding evidence, that from the age of 10, a high proportion of children annonymously surveyed, admit they have tried vaping with one in ten admitting that they are addicted to vaping.

To summerise, the biggest danger of vaping is connected to the oil-based carrier, which transports the interesting and alluring flavours into the lungs.

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