Studying, Test and Exams

Studying, Tests & Exams

Studying, Tests and Exams although here typed as a phrase, should always be seperated, whilst being part of a whole students success.  In most circumstances they occur in the time line, we type them here: 1) Study time (needs; energy, motivation and memory).  2) Testing time (needs; memory, practice and more practice).  3) Exam time (needs; calmness, time-management and memory retention).

Think about the metaphor of Studying, Tests and Exams as being similar to an important filing cabinet full of highly confidential, highly valuable and important information.  Firstly, you need maximum Energy and Motivation to even start the filing (or studying) part, then you need maximum Memory and Concentration to file away (retain in your mind the information), then you need improved calmness, time-management and memory retention to locate again the files (being able to locate your minds information).

To seperate out how we combine both Cognitive Therapies (Believing) and Behavioural Therapies (Practising) we need to change our thinking, then practice improving our new behaviours.  The lastest changes in therapies that we are doing, and therapy thinking is to positively intergrate Combine Psychotherapy Methods.


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