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Social Anxiety


As a qualified, accredited, experienced Hypnotherapist, CBT Therapist and Psychotherapist; we have a spacious ground floor Therapy Practice in Royston, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire.  We can empower you to solve problems by enabling you to relax very deeply.  You are guided safely into a lovely, peaceful, deep trance within Hypnosis.  You are strongly empowered to release your own very natural resources, to identify effective solutions to many challenges. Powerful and amazing Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy, enables you to enter a wonderful deep relaxing trance, then you can solve your challenges with: anxiety, panic, anger, stress, confidence, motivation, performance, etc.  You can also overcome challenges with: sleep, pain, driving, exams, nail biting, interviews, socialising in groups, public speaking, communication, etc.  Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy empower you to move forward positively following relationship endings, death, trauma, abuse.  You can improve goals, targets, poor communication, sports performance, stage performance and much more.  Don't let past negative worries and behaviours hold you back any longer.  Unlock the chains now and break free!  Barnsley Hypnosis & Counselling can help you in your work, life, education, stage, or sports.


There are so many positive things to tell you about how professional, accredited and effective Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Hypno Counselling could help you now. However we cannot list them all, due to lack of space and needing to speak to you first (free without obligation).  Effective and fast acting Hypnotherapy can only start to work, following individual and personal needs being established, then a Personal Therapy Plan is developed just for you.  As a qualified Hypnotherapist, CBT Therapist & Psychotherapist, we understand that you are a very unique person, with very individual and personal sets of problems, symptoms, needs, worries, goals and targets.  You presently have very unique levels of coping with your personal anxiety, stress or confidence, but Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy can help you right now.  You may eagerly want to gain confidence and self-esteem, following a relationship ending, or for an interview, or for work promotion, or work performance, or stage success, or sports performance?  You may desperately want to gain confidence for sales presentations or project presentations, or public speaking at work?  You may want to reduce or remove your very high levels of disabling anxiety, stress, panic, or anger?  An experienced Hypnotherapist can support, empower and motivate you.  You may want to reduce or remove your challenges with sleep, driving, exams, communication?  Or you may want to increase your motivation and performance in work, stage, or sports?  You can become a more confident, energetic and effective team player.  At last, if you seriously want to stop these challenges affecting your life and holding you back, use our amazing effective therapies now to reach your goals, at Barnsley Hypnosis & Counselling.


Combination hypnotherapy and counselling sessions are 1.5 hours for first session, then 1 hour minimum, sometimes longer.  Problems treated this way usually need 6 to 12 sessions.  This approach uses hypnotherapy plus supportive, step-by-step counselling, to treat deeper, more serious, more stubborn developmental problems.  We work together to sensitively and supportively probe, to uncover the subconscious root problem or cause.  An accredited Hypnotherapist enables you to first discover the real cause, then strongly empowers you to identify supportive action plans and coping tools within Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy and Hypno Counselling.  You are then able to move your life forward, step-by-step, positively and effectively.  This approach may sometimes include subconscious analysis for stubborn problems, to uncover and overcome the root cause.  It usually involves subconscious metaphor storytelling, taking you along a very interesting, motivational and extremely empowering journey.  The final part of Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy is to implant memorable, powerful, positive, subconscious suggestions, very deep down into your subconscious.  There may also be the effective addition of conscious counselling, to put the new learning, new confidence and coping skills into action.  


Therapy sessions are 1.5 hours for first session, then 1 hour minimum, sometimes longer.  Problems treated this way usually need 2 to 6 sessions.  This approach induces very deep relaxation, then uses the power of Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy to implant positive suggestions very deep into the subconscious.  This helps you transform old negative behaviours into new positive behaviours, then you're free at last to move forward positively and effectively.  Problems supported with Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy inc: anxiety, stress, confidence, sleep, pain, driving, exams, nail biting, interviews, anger, relationships, speech, body image, relaxation, motivation, asthma, skin, stutters, death, trauma, goals, targets, communication, sports, and much more.  Discover right now, how Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy, CBT and Counselling in Barnsley, can help you move forward positively, in your life goals, work performance, family, stage performance, or sports. 

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