Anger & Jealousy

Anger and Jealousy are always counted as very negative symptoms and influences within a otherwise healthy relationship.  Relationships affected by anger and jealousy can be; loving partnerships, families, best friends, school or college friends, siblings, work/employment, leisure, sports, stage performance, etc.

When we approach the symptoms relating to Anger and Jealousy within relationships, we explore four specific stages.  1) Presenting Symptoms (e.g. fast breathing, internal pressure, angry facial expressions, enlarged pupils, pacing around, gritted teeth, voice changes, going red, banging fists or throwing things). 2) Present Triggers (e.g. feeling out of control, feeling threatened, someone disagreeing with us, being late, someone wasting time, someone overtaking us, too many red lights, long queues, unfaithfulness, disrespect, none co-operative children, messy house, fliratious partner, etc).  3) Symptoms Theme (often starts with Anxiety, moves to Stress, moves to internal frustration, terminates at external Anger towards person, animal or object). 4) Reframe Root Causes - this is the most over-looked area by many other Therapists or GP's, as they only concentrate on calming down the symptoms, (regress via relaxed Psychotherapy or extremely relaxed Hypnotherapy, to identify initial primary Rood Cause(s), in order to release the 'locked away' memory then change/re-frame the ending).

When we are planning and delivering Anger in relationship therapy, we are overall helping the client to slowly step-by-step decrease the speed at which they are presently flipping into full-blown Angry and Jealous behaviours.  After many years of intensive and successful Psychotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), and Clinical Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy experience, Anger and Jealous behaviour often leads to a darker and more dangerous set of behaviours.  The types of behaviours which can later escalate from Anger and Jealousy can be; verbal threats, financial control, social control, stopping employment, stopping friends, stopping family, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emoptional abuse, stalking, extreme and/or violence, regular gaslighting, in more extreme cases, there can be pressure, influence or suggestions to start or engage in drug taking, excess alcohol, risk taking behaviour.


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