sexual disorders

Sexual Disorders

Sexual disorders usually relate to a combination of lack of sexual performance, lack of sexual drive and lack of sexual confidence.  This can spill over into related relationship problems such as Body Image Confidence and/or Confidence and Self Esteem.  

The most worrying and well known (yet rarely talked about) sexual disorders are; inability to get or keep a penile erection (erectile dysfuntion), inability to delay penile ejaculation for more than a few minutes (premature ejaculation), plus difficulty in initially becoming vaginally wet or vaginally relaxed enough to allow penetration (vaginitus).  Further many men can develop premature ejaculation or erectile dysfuntion in later years when testosterone levels decrease, plus many women can develop vaginitus when eostrogen levels decrease.  Additionally when men's testosterone levels decrease they can feel less psychologically interested or driven by sexual thoughts.  When women's eostrogen levels decrease and/or testosterone levels decrease, women too can feel less mentally motivated or interested.

Recently and thankfully, these areas of male and female sexual dysfunction and confidence are finally more frequently and openly discussed.  Another area often overlooked is the man or womans honest and truthful thoughts or feelings about their real base levels of sexual interest, desire, motivation and drives.  Quite often a relationship starts with sexual activity being on the same level, however if the truth be told from the very start, generally one partner will be more motivated and interested overall than the other.  That difference in reality tends to work quite well unless the difference is an extreme gap in inner needs desires and motivations.

This particual set of sexual disorders always needs a multi-therapy and intergrated-therapy approach.

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