An important part of all relationships being positive, healthy and happy, is fair, equal and meaningful communication.  In some cases within a relationship we can feel not able to fully put our point across in a fair clear and confident way.  Good healthy relationships are all about keeping the power balance as near to equal as possible.  For example an extremely unhealthy power balance leads to manipulation, bullying and ultimate control.  Some of the symptoms of not being assertive or having low assertiveness skills, can be; frustration, anger, feeling weak, feeling mis-understood, feeling bullied, feeling controlled.  

Low assertiveness symptoms are a combination three totally seperate developement needs; 1) Cognitive (thinking or feeling, I can't say it or do it), 2) Behavioural (I'm not sure exactley how to do it), 3) Constant Practising of number 1 and number 2, with our effective support.  Please note that Assertiveness is also dealt with in relation to Confidence and Self-Esteem, whereas here we are discussing Assertiveness therapy re relationships.


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