Energy and Motivation

Low Energy and Motivation

When levels of Low Energy and Motivation temporarily reduce or fall, this can lead to a wide variety of further symptoms.  For example, Low Energy and Motivation can stop or make it difficult for you to effectively and easily; concentrate, study, exercise, organise, plan, work, college, university, school, walking, cleaning, personal hygiene, socialising, leisure, sports, performing, family support, etc).

Low Energy and Motivation are often the first symptoms that appear within Depression and/or Abuse and Trauma.  Further connections are often seen where Low Engergy and Motivation triggers (or is triggered by) Low Memory and Concentration plus also Negative Thinking.  To summerise Low Energy and Motivation is triggered or can be felt or experienced from the second you open your eyes, or you step out of bed, or to opening the curtains, or to getting dressed or not, or to eating or not, or to go our or not, or to contract people or not, or to work or not, etc.

Like many other symptoms, causes and triggers we deal with, this condition especially benefits highly from the specific and effective Intergration of Psychotherapy Methods.

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