Remaining 6 months of pregancy

Remaining 6 Months of Pregnancy

This remaining 6 months of pregnancy is a very interesting developement time with regards to both birth mum and baby.  This period usually produces one or two more scans, plus can usually identify whether the baby is a boy or girl, if you so wish to find out.  An important part of our therapy delivery at this point is always helping the birth mother to regularly visualise, imagine and predict, a safe, healthy and happy environment for the final 6 months of pregnancy. 

Imagine now for a moment, how a bird collects twigs, grass, leaves to build a nest and home for their soon new to be baby arrivals.  However, on some rare occasions the bird will intentionally throw out all the nesting components, maybe the prospective mother feels like it is not yet quite the right time.  Therefore this is why we deliver lots and lots of positive, safe, happy visualisations, to offer Therapy Support for pregnancy.  It is so important during these final 6 months of pregancy that levels of Anxiety and also Stress are reduced as much as possible.  Thse two reductions of negative emotions greatly help the final 6 months of pregnancy, to provide a happy, healthy and safe place for the soon to be born baby.


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