Emotional eating

Emotional Eating

As the name implies Emotional Eating is a direct result of feeding your mouth and body food or drink which is varied, triggered and satisfied by a rise and fall of your inner feelings and emotions.  Usually, the types of foods or drink acting as a negative emotional nutrient are often; sweet (cakes, biscuits, cream, sugar, buns, honey), chocolate based (chocolate-topped, chocolate whole, drinking chocolate, bars of chocolate), carbohydrate items (potatoes, crisps, jacket potatoes, mashed, chips, bread, rice, pasta).

Typical unpredictable emotions could be in relation to; hard stressful day at work, noisy demanding day with kids, recent argument with partner, lack of trust with partner, fall out with family or friends, loneliness, bereavement, loss, failed pregnancy, unwanted attention or stalking, weight fluctuation, yo-yo dieting, eating disorders, binging.

Please also see further information directly relating to more severe emotional eating listed under Bingeing Urges or Bulimia or Anorexia.  More often than not the person themselves does not conciously notice they are emotionally eating.  People often say it felt like they were almost in a trance until the eating stopped or they felt sick or they felt stuffed.  More often this would be followed by extreme and uncontrolable feelings of inner-guilt and disgust.  Interestingly other people (if anyone is around) will themselves notice that a family bag of crisps or of a whole bar or two of chocolate or half a cake has quickly dissapeared.

Like many other psychological disorders Emotional Eating needs intergrated therapy.

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