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Ticks and Tourettes

When talking about the disorders of Tourette and Tics Syndrome, we must remember that they are two sides of the same coin. 

An example of Tic movements could be unconscious automatic and impulsive body movement e.g. shoulder twitch or hand movement, etc or facial movement e.g. chin or lip twitching etc.  Separately, examples of Tics vocalisations or noises are as follows; sniffing sounds, lip smacking, coughing sounds, throat sound, yawning sounds etc.

Example of Tourettes are; swearing, shouting, racial abuse, weight abuse, no thought to speach filter, threats, etc.  Overall it is easy to see and understand but Tourettes is a much more advanced, entrenched and harder disorder to treat than Tics alone.  It is important to remember that a full clinical diagnosis of Tourettes Syndrome cannot be assessed, met, or given, until at least one year has passed from the first sign or observation of the first Tic.

At the moment it is not fully understood what causes Tics or Tourettes.  But what we do know it usually takes a hold and develops (if left untreated), within adults or children who are already very prone to Anxiety, Stress, Fears, etc.  Most often Tics develop from around the age of between 7 to 11, yet usually Tourettes start from the ages of 12+.  Both of these Syndromes or Disorders are often resistant and resiliant to single therapies or simple Counselling alone.  It is important that we use our experience and research evidence, to fully assess you and plan future therapy action, using powerful and latest Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

The effects of Tics are usually mildly to moderately embarrassing or anxiety-provoking, whereas the effect of Tourettes is severely to very severely embarrassing which may lead to wishing to be house bound or ending up unemployable.  Further, having Tourettes Syndrome or Disorder can additionally lead to loneliness, excess alcohol or drugs, plus inability to attract or maintain close friendships, loving relationships, or family relationships and support.



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