finger and foot tapping

Finger or Foot Tapping

Although this section is named Finger and Foot Tapping and appears within our larger section of Negative Habits, it does contain additional Negative Habits, these further Negative Habits could be; knuckle cracking, finger pulling, clicking fingers, etc.  These habits can often start very mild and hardly noticable, however sometimes they develop into unchangable emovable and extremely annoying and frustrating negative habits.

These negative habits can lead to another persons annoyance, frustration, irritation, inability to sleep and even at times anger.  It is important to note that the one thing all these negative habits have in common is inability to switch off and relax completely.  Some of our relaxation techniques would include coaching the person to breathe slowly, relax deeply and image a safe, calm, happy place.  In most cases we can help the person to achieve, speedy and lasting positive therapy effects using a variety of positive therapy tecniques.

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