Anxiety, Weight Loss, Depression Help Rotherham

Anxiety, Weight-loss, Depression Help Rotherham

Anxiety Stress and Panic Rotherham

Many adults and children come to us for help with constant worrying, daily stress, or feelings and experiences of Panic Disorder. There seems to have been an increase over the last few years in clients suffering from acute anxiety disorder relating to one particular situation, which can then trigger a more serious anxious response in the form of GAD (General Anxiety Disorder). Our personal opinion is that the recent increase in anxiety, stress and panic is related to one or more of the following; increased social media (everyone constantly aware of others day-to-day lives, work-place demands increased productivity, expectations to respond to phone calls, text, emails immediately, idealistic wants and credit-needs replacing real basic day-to-day needs, unrealistic constant expectations of living up to perceived other peoples ‘standards’ or ‘achievements’). From early civilisation our brains and bodies are automatically programmed to quickly trigger the highly emotional response to feared dangers, this is called ‘Fight and Flight’ response. This quick automatic and essential response was initially intended to release extra adrenalin to the muscles and blood supply, to increase heartbeat, oxygen supply and lung capacity, in order to defend against or run away from large pre-historic animals or dangerous human threats. However, most situations nowadays re work, education, sports, relationships, do no longer need this old, exaggerated anxiety, stress or panic response to today’s demands, problems or challenges. Unwanted and out of date symptoms include stress headaches, insomnia, changes in appetite, fast heartbeat, fast pulse rate, dizziness, quick speech throat tightness and dryness, upset stomach, sweaty palms plus urgent need for toilet. On top of everything else the latest big anxiety-provoking and panic-provoking challenge is the Covid-19 version of the Corona virus our modern day worldwide pandemic.

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Anxiety, Stress, Anger, and Pain 

Weight Loss and Weight Gain Rotherham

Over the last 30+ years overall household incomes have slowly risen. Before this time the need to lose weight was an occasional need by just a few adults and children. Most families did not have the money to buy foods such as; crisps, biscuits, cakes, pies, pasties, sugary drinks. From a very early age there is lots of peer pressure from school friends, plus TV advertising and on-line advertising promoting unhealthy eating and junk food. Now there are additional pressures from both parents working, need to prepare and offer food in a quick and easy way. Years ago at school, you might only see one or two cars as children had no choice but to walk to school. Previously, physical education and sports played a bigger part in the curriculum. Recent increases in leisure time being spent sat down on social media or computer games can often reduce overall healthy activity levels. Some people have more of a natural need or appetite for sweet or unhealthy food. The rise in social media and TV or on-line celebrity icons can make people unhappy about being overweight or underweight. In extreme cases the perception of a less than ideal body weight or body shape can lead onto BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder). Many current fad-diets will promote low-carb or hi-fibre or hi-protein; some people do genuinely lose weight with this highly-controlling method. However many people quickly gain weight again once they are faced with the unexpected and sudden return to buying, choosing, preparing food on a normal day-to-day basis. Here at Barnsley Hypnosis and Counselling we combine the latest, well-proven methods for weight loss, weight gain and eating disorders, using Counselling, Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Psychotherapy. Our success in eating disorders follows clients with presenting symptoms: binging, purging (fingers down throat), purging (laxatives), emotional eating, anorexia, and bulimia. The biggest enemy of weight loss is yo-yo dieting where a target is set purely for a holiday or a wedding or new relationship etc, but either the target weight loss is unrealistic or not connected to a real life-changing program of permanent long-term change.

Weight Management & Eating Disorders

Depression and Negative Thinking Rotherham

People can suffer from one or more of the following symptoms relating to Depression or Negative Thinking: Insomnia, difficulty getting to sleep, broken sleep and early morning waking, low self-esteem, low confidence, low memory and concentration, low energy and motivation, catastrophising negative thoughts, frequent crying, none-socialising, in-activity, unable to work, staying in bed, poor personal hygiene, changing eating habits, stop eating, eating less, eating more. The biggest and most difficult barrier to us helping clients fee better quickly, is to get them communicating with and activating with others as soon as possible. Naturally if previously someone was positive, active, communicative, social and happy, they will not be able to flip back to that while they are feeling depressed and burdened with negative thinking. However, if someone previously for example went to the gym four times a week, visited friend twice a week, went to work or go school/college daily, went shopping weekly, walked the dog daily etc. Our initial target for Depression and Negative Thinking would be e.g. to shower/bath by 10am, to walk the dog for five minutes daily, to do ten minute shop, to do one five minute phone/facetime call.

Depression, Abuse, and Trauma

Confidence and Self Esteem Rotherham

We often hear clients say, ‘I would love to be able to………., but I simply do not have the confidence right now’. Overall we find that lack of confidence falls into two areas needing development. One area is a lack of Self-Esteem type confidence; the other area tends to be Performance Confidence. Lack of Self-Esteem can be part of the depression, anxiety, negative thinking, the break-up of a relationship, partner bereavement, loss of job, PTSD, bullying at work, etc. In order for Self-Esteem to be realistically, practically and effectively developed/built up, there needs to be two ways to tackle it, one is to use Counselling, CBT, Hypnotherapy, the other way to tackle it is to use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Behaviour Activation, to relate the psychological changes into real, practical, events/people/situations. The good news is you don’t have to make a choice yourself then risk paying for a few sessions, to unfortunately discover that single method or therapy approach was not right for you, plus, did not make any difference to your Confidence or Self-Esteem. Here we regularly use all the above methods and latest techniques to create a unique, made-to-measure success plan for you. Finally, performance confidence can also be linked to various work school, college or university needs. For example: Confidence re bullying, tests, exams, studying, and learning. Plus Confidence re sales, recruitment interviews, promotion interviews, appraisal interviews, disciplinary interviews. Further, Confidence re socialising, dating, sexual relationship and finally, singing, performing, sports and hobbies.

Confidence and Self Esteem

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